10 Delicious Low-Carb Summer Recipes

Grilled Lobster Tails: This easy and tasty meal was my first time cooking lobster tails at home. It was delicious and made me never order grilled lobster tail again.

Can-Can Chicken: Beer-can chicken is made delectable here. Once the bird is grilled, the job is done. For a guy like me, cleaning is easy.

Caprese Salad Kabobs: Replace the vegetable dish with these entertaining kabobs. In addition to parties, I prepare them for family snacks.

Tequila Lime Shrimp Zoodles: This zesty shrimp meal cuts carbohydrates without compromising taste. Without a spiralizer, finely julienned zucchini will work.

Watermelon Cups: This appetizer is almost too gorgeous to eat! Cucumber, red onion, and fresh herbs top sweet watermelon cubes.

Lemon-Parsley Baked Cod: This was the first baked cod dish my finicky meat-only eaters liked after trying others. The lemon adds zest to cod.

Classic Crab Cakes: Our seafood is famous, and crab cakes are a local favorite. A chef at a popular restaurant taught me how to prepare them. The mix of ingredients enhances the crabmeat's sweetness and mildness.

Easy Seafood Salad: A conch-based fish salad I enjoyed in the Bahamas inspired this simple, but excellent meal. Crab and shrimp replace conch, and I like it better.

Simple Guacamole: This guacamole should be made right before serving since avocados brown rapidly. If making ahead, keep the avocado pits in the guacamole until serving.

Grilled Cauliflower Wedges: This side is simple, flavorful, and looks like a five-star dish. The grill crisps cauliflower, and red pepper flakes add flavor.

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