10 Foods That Look Amazing But Taste Terrible

Rainbow Bagels: Rainbow bagels are trendy, but many eaters believe they lack taste. The bagel's bright hues make it almost too pretty to eat, but that may be a good thing.

Fairy Bread: These sprinkles contribute little flavor because they're largely sugar or artificial flavoring. Naturally, many find fairy bread too sweet and flavorless.

Green Papaya: If you wait until it's ripe and add savory toppings, green papaya may be excellent. Many avoid this meal when raw or slightly under-ripe.

Durian Fruit: The custard-like meat has a harsh aftertaste. Durians might be too sweet or tangy depending on maturity.

Dragon Fruit: The flat texture makes it less appealing. Dragon fruit lacks sweetness, making it disappointing to eat.

Donut Burger: Some find the doughnut overly sugary, making the burger taste bad. Most can only consume half before becoming tired of the sweet flavor.

Pure Chocolate: Most palates find dark and pure chocolate overly bitter, leaving an unpleasant aftertaste. If you prefer milk or white chocolate, avoid pure types.

Fondant: The texture is excessively soft and slimy, and the flavor is too sweet for most. Thus, fondant may make your cake seem great, but many avoid it.

Licorice Candies: Licorice candies are a traditional treat that some love and others hate. Its harsh, salty or bitter flavor is best acquired.

Grapefruit: Their texture makes them hard to consume alone, needing plenty of sugar or salt. Grapefruit lovers may like this, but many would prefer not.

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