10 Snacks That Are Good for Your Health and Wallet

1. Hard Boiled Eggs Hard-boiled eggs provide lean protein without many calories. Eggs are also cheap for individuals on a budget.

2. Celery and Carrot Sticks Carrot and celery sticks are cheap, low-calorie snacks containing vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they are high in water and fiber. 

3. Apples Apples are delicious and low in calories. Due to their fiber content and low glycemic index, they won't raise your blood sugar and induce a crash. 

4. Yogurt Yogurt contains protein, vitamins, and minerals. Choosing plain means less sugar.

5. Roasted Chickpeas Roasted chickpeas are low in calories but high in protein and fiber. Plus, you may flavor them in numerous ways to make a snack you love.

6. Cottage Cheese Cottage cheese is a nutritious, low-cost dairy choice. It has a moderate flavor, so you may add items to it to change the taste without adding calories, such yogurt.

7. Air-Popped Popcorn Popcorn is a fiber-rich whole grain. Avoid oil fats by choosing air-popped. Popcorn isn't highly flavored.

8. Pickles Pickles are surprisingly healthful and suitable for stronger tastes. Naturally low-calorie cucumbers are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. 

9. Cherry Tomatoes Cherry tomatoes automatically bite-size, making them an excellent snack. They include free radical-fighting lycopene. 

10. Watermelon Despite its sweetness, watermelon is low in calories. Watermelon may be cheap when bought whole during peak season.

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