5 American Snacks That Cause Weight Gain

One of the most famous American snacks is cookies. They come in lots of different tastes, and people of all ages love them.

1. Cookies

Cookies, on the other hand, are not very good for your health because they have too much sugar, fat, refined flour, and fake scents.


Potato chips are another food that Americans love and eat a lot of. 

2. Potato chips

But, like cookies, potato chips are bad for you because they are full of processed carbohydrates, too much salt, and fat.

Potato chips

French fries is linked to gaining an extra 3 kg over the course of four years. 

3. French fries

This is because this snack is made in a way that is bad for you and is full of calories that can make you gain weight.

 French fries

White bread is another bad American snack that can make you really fat and bloated. 

4. White bread

Even doctors say you should stay away from this highly polished product because it can make you gain weight around your middle and cause other health problems.

White bread

Cereals for breakfast have a lot of extra sugar, calories, artificial flavors, and smells.

5. Breakfast cereals

Some of these American snacks have more than 13 grams of sugar and are highly refined and processed, which means they have no nutrition and enough bad ingredients to make you fat and sick.

Breakfast cereals

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