5 Most Codependent Zodiac Signs

1. Pisces 

Pisceans often lose themselves in their relationships.


They are empathetic and selfless, which can lead to them becoming overly reliant on their partner's emotional support.

2. Cancer 

Cancerians are known for their nurturing nature, but this can sometimes border on codependency.


They may prioritize their partner's needs above their own, leading to an unhealthy balance.

3. Libra 

Libras thrive on harmony and balance in their relationships.


They may compromise their own desires to keep the peace, which can make them codependent on their partner's approval.

4. Scorpio 

Scorpios are intensely passionate, and this intensity can lead to codependency.


They may become obsessed with their partner and struggle to let go, even in toxic situations.

5. Taurus 

Taurus individuals can be possessive and stubborn, which can lead to codependent tendencies.


They may resist change and cling to their partner for stability and security.

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