5 Yoga Exercises You Need To Shrink Your Belly

You should be able to balance on your bottom while your body is in a "V" configuration for boat position.

1. Boat Pose

This exercise works your abs to keep you steady while exercising your core and laying the groundwork for a flatter stomach.

Planks are a time-honored method of toning the abdominal muscles.

2. Plank Pose

The plank stance works your abs and improves your upper body, lower body, and core.

Balance isn't the only thing you have to work on with the side plank stance. It emphasizes the side abs (obliques) and helps create a trim waist.

3. Side Plank Pose

Side plank position works one arm at a time while simultaneously building power on one side of the body.

The bridge posture is an excellent way to strengthen your core and reduce belly fat without anybody noticing.

4. Bridge Pose

As you extend your hips upward, your core is challenged and your abs receive a good workout.

To help you lose belly fat faster, try this position in which you relax into a chair while keeping your core engaged.

5. Chair Pose

To strengthen your core and the rest of your body, Zucker recommends trying out "chair pose.

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