6 Worst Protein-Packed Foods for Weight Loss

Fried Chicken:  A skinless chicken breast has less than eight grams of fat, while a fried one might have 20 or more. This significantly differs in calories and may make weight loss harder.

Sausage: Sausage, whether with eggs for breakfast, BBQ for lunch, or grilled and put on a bun for supper, may hamper weight loss.

Salami: Salami is processed meat, which has been cured, salted, or smoked to prolong shelf life. Curing improves taste and texture, making cured meats a popular protein source.

Meal Replacement Bars: Not all meal replacement bars are made equal with so many possibilities. These bars usually include a lot of protein and calories.

Bacon: One of the most popular breakfast proteins is bacon, another high-fat meat. While lean meats have more protein than fat per dish, bacon has roughly the same.

Hot Dogs: Beef, pig, and turkey hot dogs are popular with kids and adults. Like other processed meats, pork and beef hot dogs have more fat than protein.

Eating These Will Never Help You Lose Weight