7 Summer Foods Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals

Corn on the cob: You might not anticipate corn on the cob to harm your figure. Corn is merely a vegetable, therefore it shouldn't upset your diet.

Grilled Burgers: Summer is grilling season, so everyone wants to show off their burger-making skills. It may pile on the pounds any time of year, but burger add-ons can make it worse.

Smoothie Bowls: A lot of fruit comes into season in summer, so you may want to make smoothie bowls. These summer delicacies are tasty but may hurt.

Ice Cream: If you adore summer ice cream and have a sweet tooth, go easy or you may set back your weight reduction objectives.

Steak: Small servings of lean red meat can be healthful, but large portions can increase saturated fat and some proteins are more harmful than others.

Potato Salad: Too many indulgent sides might cause weight gain. Oily sauces make deli salads heavy in calories, making you more likely to consume more than you burn.

Egg Salad: Egg salads, especially in summer, can cause weight gain owing to the high fat and calorie content of mayo and oils. These foods may induce weight gain.

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