A Moot Supreme Court on ADA Lawsuits

BY John fenster

Supreme Court grants reprieve to lawsuit factories, as expected. Justice Elena Kagan argued that this is completely dead.

Hotels must post accessibility info online, and Ms. Laufer searched for non-compliant places without booking.

Justice Barrett, joined by six others, states that Laufer has caused a circuit split. Some circuits say she lacks standing, others say she has it.

An important question to resolve. Oh no. A federal court in Maryland disciplined Ms. Laufer's attorney after the Justices agreed to hear the case this summer.

A lawyer sued small hotels for ADA violations and offered to settle for $10,000 in attorney fees, according to the Maryland court.

Justice Barrett reveals that the attorney gave large amounts of money to Laufer's grandchild's father for investigative work that was never done. 

Most people consider the case to be completely closed. There were other options. 

Justice Clarence Thomas states that standing and mootness are jurisdictional doctrines, and the Court can address them in any sequence. 

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