Sea Queen Revealed By Masked Singer? Go Ahead, ‘try’ To Disprove Us

BY John fenster

Let's talk about some royal tea: As of Wednesday, fans are sure they know who The Sea Queen really is when she comes back to The Masked Singer stage.

The Sea Queen is one of the more mysterious characters in Season 10. She has only been in one show so far, on Oct. 25, when she was introduced as the wild card for Group B. 

Yes, it's been more than a month since she was here. Luckily, that will change tonight (Fox, 8/7c) when she comes back with Tiki and Husky. 

Hawk and Royal Hen, who turned out to be Tyler Posey and Billie Jean King, were among the people from Group B who had already been removed.

There were too many obvious clues from the Sea Queen, which is different from some other contestants. 

Then, whose famous (and Grammy Award-winning) voice is coming from that costume? 

While Gray is best known for her song "I Try," she has also put out 10 full-length studio albums and been nominated for five Grammys. 

Did you already have the idea that Gray is the Sea Queen? Which other contestants who haven't been revealed yet do you know for sure? 

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