Barstool Sports Announces It Won't Hire Anyone From 3 Prominent Colleges

BY Robert j. matthews

Barstool Sports has many employees, but they won't be hiring from three specific schools in the future.

Dave Portnoy, the founder, said this week that because of a controversy involving school presidents, he will not hire people from Harvard, Penn, and MIT.

Portnoy announced it after watching the three university presidents testify in Congress. 

During their testimony, they refused to acknowledge that advocating for a Jewish genocide violated school rules.

Three Deans from reputed US universities are not condemning students who are advocating for the genocide of Jews on campus. AKA - the killing of all Jews.

Breaking news: There is a threat to harm me, my parents, and my entire family. 

Do these 'leaders' not condemn this as hate speech on their campuses?This is not about arguing for a cease fire or talking about the future of Israel and Palestine in the Middle East. 

This is calling for the killing of all Jews everywhere and these school administrators are absolute cowards.

Portnoy, who is Jewish, says he won't hire anyone from the three schools unless the presidents resign.

I won't hire any students from these schools until the Deans step down, although it may not have a big impact.

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