Beginner Mediterranean Diet: Everything You Need

By John Fenster

Fruits & Vegetables

Pick different colors and buy food when it's in season to get the most nutrients. 

You can also get them frozen or canned, which will save you money and make them last longer.

Whole Grains

You can mix and match to make quick and easy sides, bowl bases, or stir-fries with grains.


A big part of the Mediterranean diet is fish. It is better for you to eat fish than other animal flesh. 

You can also get it canned or frozen, which are great choices because they last longer than fresh and still have all the same health benefits.


You can eat these lean foods as part of a Mediterranean diet, but not as often.


You can also eat these protein-rich foods every once in a while. For a well-balanced meal, eat a small amount with whole grains and veggies.


Pick any kind you like for snacks, salads, and other things.

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