Best Foods to Maximize Your Workout Results

Coffee: If you're getting out of bed, changing into gym clothes, and going for an early morning workout, grab a banana or coffee.

Oatmeal: Fiber fills you up, fat is low, and slow-digesting, blood sugar-friendly carbs are high. Beta glucan in oatmeal lowers LDL cholesterol.

Eggs: After an exercise, eggs are a great snack and recovery meal. They provide six grams of protein per egg and 75 calories of fat.

Bananas: Bananas are a great pre-workout food because they are digestible and high in carbs and potassium, which prevent muscular cramps.

Berries: Slow-digesting complex carbohydrates and water in berries help you hydrate during the workout.

Low-fat chocolate milk: Low-fat chocolate milk helps re-hydrate by replacing fluids and electrolytes lost during exercise.

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