Best Rounded Bob Looks To Try In 2023

Start with a classic. The timeless rounded bob features a uniform length that gently curves inward, creating a rounded shape.

1. Classic Rounded Bob

It's a chic and sophisticated look that never goes out of style, suitable for various hair types and face shapes.

Classic Rounded Bob

Add a modern twist to your rounded bob with texture. Opt for layers and subtle texturing to give your bob a dynamic and lively appearance. 

2. Textured Rounded Bob

This variation adds movement and volume to your hair while maintaining its classic shape.

Textured Rounded Bob

For a sharp and clean look, consider a blunt rounded bob. This haircut features a straight-across cut that emphasizes the roundness of the bob.

3. Blunt Rounded Bob

It's a bold and fashionable choice that exudes confidence and style.

Blunt Rounded Bob

Frame your face beautifully by incorporating bangs into your rounded bob. 

4. Rounded Bob with Bangs

Whether you prefer full, blunt bangs or soft, side-swept fringe, bangs can add a touch of charm and allure to your hairstyle.

Rounded Bob with Bangs

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