Best Weight Loss Strength Workouts

Burpees are an intense full-body exercise that combines strength training with cardio. They engage your chest, shoulders, arms, core, and legs in a single movement. 

1. Burpees

The explosive nature of burpees raises your heart rate rapidly, effectively torching calories.

Mountain climbers are a high-intensity cardio exercise that also targets your core and lower body. 

2. Mountain Climbers

The rapid knee-to-chest movement not only elevates your heart rate but also engages your abdominal muscles, helping you develop a toned midsection.

Kettlebell swings are a dynamic exercise that combines strength and cardio benefits.

3. Kettlebell Swings

They engage multiple muscle groups, including your glutes, hamstrings, core, and shoulders. 

Bicycle crunches are an effective core exercise that specifically targets your obliques.

4. Bicycle Crunches

By twisting your torso and bringing your knees to your elbows, you engage the sides of your abdomen. 

Bench presses are the go-to exercise for building a strong chest, shoulders, and triceps. 

5. Bench Press

While they primarily focus on upper body strength, bench presses also contribute to overall calorie expenditure, aiding in weight loss.