Burn More Calories in Less Time

 Sip green tea three times a day:  Green tea includes caffeine and catechin polyphenols, plant compounds that may improve metabolism.

Use interval training: Increase your workout using interval training. Walk the same distance at the same intensity every day and your body grows bored with your training.

Fidget: Finger drumming and knee bouncing burn 500 calories a day. Fidgeting can help you lose a pound a week.

 Don’t starve yourself: Cutting calories too much can backfire in various ways. Subsisting on morsels will slow your metabolism.

Exercise outside: Something about training outside helps you walk or run quicker than at the gym, maybe it's the fresh air or the sunshine.

Bump up the protein: There is evidence that ingesting protein at the upper end of the recommended range keeps your resting energy expenditure the same even as you lose weight.

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