Cool Curly Hair Fade Haircuts

Curly High Top Fade: This style combines a high-top haircut with curly hair on top and a high fade on the sides and back. It creates a bold and eye-catching look.

Low Skin Fade with Curls: A low skin fade complements curly hair beautifully. The contrast between the tight fade and the curly top creates a stylish appearance.

Drop Fade with Curly Quiff: A drop fade haircut features a gradual fade that drops down at the back. Pair it with a curly quiff for a unique and fashionable look.

Curly Mohawk Fade: For a bold and edgy style, consider a curly Mohawk fade. The sides are shaved or faded, leaving a strip of curly hair down the center.

Taper Fade with Curly Top: A taper fade is a subtle and gradual fade that pairs well with a curly top. The result is a clean and sophisticated look.

Curly Undercut with Skin Fade: Combine a curly top with an undercut and a skin fade for a modern and attention-grabbing style.

Temple Fade with Curly Hair: The temple fade involves a sharp fade around the temples while leaving the curly hair on top intact. It's a clean and stylish choice.

Curly Afro with Fade: Maintain the natural volume of an afro on top while getting a fade on the sides and back. This creates a balanced and trendy appearance.

Curly Pompadour with Fade: A curly pompadour adds a touch of elegance to the fade haircut. The curls on top can be styled for a voluminous and eye-catching look.

Curly High Fade with Part: Add a side part to your curly high fade for a polished and sophisticated appearance. The part creates definition and structure.

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