Dinners in 30 Minutes with Low Calories

Chicken Rice Bowl On a hectic weekday, this chicken rice bowl dish is quick to make and uses items.

Grilled Lime Chicken A zesty citrus marinade makes this grilled lime chicken delicious. For an easy dinner, marinade the chicken a few hours ahead. 

Grilled Mahi Mahi Instead of hamburgers or chicken breasts, grill mahi mahi and get accolades.

Larb Gai Thai chicken salad (larb gai) contains ground chicken, chilies, mint, and basil. 

Mini Mediterranean Pizza I was on a mini-pizza kick and had already made Mexican and Italian versions.

BLT Skillet Bacon and tomato make this midweek dinner resemble a BLT. Whole wheat linguine adds flavor and texture to the skillet.

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