Easy Light Meals Perfect for Any Time of Day

The prep is easy and quick. This small lunch is flavorful and satisfying. Enjoy a spicy, light supper without any cooking.

Jalapeño Popper Chicken Salad

 These patties are a quick, light dinner for busy days. With veggies or bread, they provide a balanced, light lunch.

Canned Chicken Patties

The minimal ingredients and quick prep make it practical. It's a simple addition to many major meals. This salad's fresh cucumbers and dill make it light.

Creamy Dill Cucumber Onion Salad

This 10-minute meal uses a bell pepper with sandwich contents instead of bread. Lunchtime is short, easy, and light with it. 

Bell Pepper Sandwich

These zucchini boats are a fun spin on loaded potato skins and take under an hour to make. 

Loaded Zucchini Boats

 Simple ingredients and cooking methods make the meal practicable. Simple way to add veggies to your dinner.

Broccoli Fritters

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