Effective Exercises for Weight Loss

 Jumping Jacks Jumping jacks increase heart rate, burn calories, and build stamina. Multiple muscle groups are engaged during weight reduction.

Mountain Climbers An intense full-body workout, mountain climbers raise heart rate, burn calories, and strengthen the core. They boost agility and endurance.

Burpees An all-body workout, burpees combine aerobic and strength training. They burn calories, increase heart rate, and enhance muscle endurance.

Goblet Squats Goblet squats increase metabolism and fat reduction by creating lean muscle. They boost lower-body endurance and strength.

Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows Dumbbell rows with a bent-over position tone the back and arms. Strength training increases calorie burn by building lean muscle.

Step-ups Step-up exercises, like bent-over dumbbell rows, work several muscle groups and burn calories, making them a good weight reduction.

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