Enrique Iglesias' Song Catalog Sold to Warner Music-backed Influence Media

BY John fenster

Enrique Iglesias, the famous Latin singer known for songs like Bailando and Be With You, has agreed to sell his music catalog to Influence Media Partners. 

The agreement includes all of Iglesias' music up until now, according to the principals who spoke to Bloomberg News.

Influence Media, based in New York, will handle all of Iglesias' recordings and manage the rights to his name, image, and likeness as part of their partnership.

Influence Media is supported by Warner Music Group Corp. and Blackrock Inc.

It is led by Lylette Pizarro, Lynn Hazan, Rene McLean, and Jon Jashni, who are experienced in the music and media industry.

It bought shares in the catalogs of artists like Blake Shelton, Future, and Logic.

The deal's value wasn't shared, and it's the first arrangement for Influence Media involving name image and likeness. 

Pizarro, the founder and co-managing partner of Influence Media, said in an interview that it is very important for them to deliver for Enrique and Fernando.

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