Exclusive One-on-one With Simone Biles On The Olympics, Life In Green Bay

BY Robert j. matthews

Simone Biles is back in gymnastics after taking a break for her mental health.

She decided not to participate in four individual events at the Tokyo Games, but now she's looking forward to Paris 2024.

Yes, things have changed because my priorities outside the gym have shifted a bit," says Simone Biles. 

I try to be here and support my husband as much as I can. But once I'm home, I'm always training.

It's fun and nice to take a break from gymnastics and support something else.

Allan said that Chellsie Memmel is from our area. I've been taking care of her since she was about 12 years old.

Allan said, "She's really good." I think what she did to help her team win silver was really tough.

Do you all experience the same thing and understand what Chellsie and everyone else goes through?

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