Five Rookie Classes That Can Shape 2023 Nfl Season

The Kansas City Chiefs had a lot of stars on their team when they won the Super Bowl last year.

League MVP Patrick Mahomes, first-team All-Pro Travis Kelce, and first-team All-Pro Chris Jones were all at the top of their games.

Even so, many less experienced players, including a number of rookies on both sides of the ball, made big impacts to the team.

And without the influx of ability in Year 1, it's safe to say that Kansas City isn't the NFL's title town right now.

Remember that the Chiefs weren't thought to be the best team in the world last summer. Kansas City was not a Super Bowl favorite after they traded Tyreek Hill and lost a few key players in free agency.

But they went into the 2022 NFL Draft with a lot of draft capital, and they came out of the Las Vegas event with a number of new players who would help them win their third Lombardi Trophy as a team.

On offense, RB Isiah Pacheco and WR Skyy Moore stood out as important parts of a "share the wealth" scheme that worked without Hill.

The Chiefs were able to keep control of the ball and score points by using both power runs and quick plays.

They didn't have to rely on just one playmaker to do everything. Pacheco, who was picked in the seventh round, was a big surprise in the second half of the season.

On defense, the young secondary of the Chiefs did well, even though a number of newbies were put in key roles.