Foods Boomers Love That Millennials Won’t Touch

Liver and onions was a popular dish in the mid-20th century, but many Millennials may find its strong flavor and texture unappealing.

1. Liver and Onions

Jell-O salads, often made with ingredients like canned fruit, marshmallows, and mayonnaise.

2. Jell-O Salads

Baby Boomers but are considered outdated and overly sweet by many Millennials.

Jell-O Salads

Baby Boomers grew up with canned vegetables as a staple, while Millennials often prefer fresh or frozen options, which are considered healthier and more flavorful.

3. Canned Vegetables

Cottage cheese was a popular diet food in the past, but Millennials tend to favor Greek yogurt and other dairy products with more diverse textures and flavors.

4. Cottage Cheese

While some Millennials enjoy meatloaf, it's often seen as a traditional, less exciting dish compared to more exotic or gourmet options.

5. Meatloaf

Fruitcake has a reputation for being a holiday dessert that gets passed around and re-gifted. 

6. Fruitcake

Millennials may opt for more trendy and artisanal sweets.