Sushi: While many love it, others may pretend to enjoy sushi to fit in with the trend.

Oysters: The briny taste can be an acquired one, but some people may act like they relish oysters to appear sophisticated.

Caviar: The tiny, salty fish eggs are considered a delicacy, but not everyone enjoys their unique flavor.

Blue Cheese: The strong, moldy aroma of blue cheese can be polarizing, but some nod along to avoid appearing picky.

Olives: These salty, bitter morsels are often an acquired taste, but some nibble on them to blend in.

Anchovies: These tiny, intensely flavored fish are divisive, but some may pretend to appreciate them on pizza or in Caesar salads.

Brussels Sprouts: While some adore them, others might eat them quietly to avoid seeming like a vegetable hater.

Kale: This superfood is beloved by health enthusiasts, but not everyone finds its taste appealing.

Liver: Liver dishes can be a challenge for some palates, but people might sample them to be polite.

Fruitcake: Often received as a holiday gift, fruitcake is famously joked about, but some graciously accept it.

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