Foods You Should Throw Out After Their Use-by Date

Fresh fish should be consumed or frozen within two days of purchase. 

1. Seafood

Discard it if it has a strong fishy odor or any unusual discoloration.


Canned foods typically have a long shelf life, but they can eventually spoil. 

2. Canned Foods

 If you notice any bulging, rusting, or damage to the can, or if the food inside appears discolored or has an off-odor, discard it.

Canned Foods

Prepared foods, such as deli salads, should be consumed within their recommended timeframes or the "use by" date.

3. Perishable Prepared Foods

 If they appear or smell spoiled, do not consume them.

Perishable Prepared Foods

Bakery items like bread and pastries are generally safe to consume after their "best by" date if they appear and smell fresh. 

4. Packaged Bakery Goods

However, if they show signs of mold or staleness, discard them.

Packaged Bakery Goods

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