Four-star Recruit Says He Cancelled Colorado Visit Because He Wasn't A "Priority"

BY Robert j. matthews

Four-star wide receiver Nick Marsh was planning to visit Colorado, but changed his mind.

He talked to the new coach, Jonathan Smith, and told him he still wanted to play for the Spartans.

That wasn't a complete story. It's common for a child to choose a school, consider other offers, and then go back to their original choice. 

On a recent episode of 'This is Sparta', Marsh discussed why he is surpassing Deion Sanders and the Buffaloes. 

He mentioned that his previous visit in October gave him valuable experience.

Marsh said, 'This is Colorado.' This will be a great time to visit this place. They're playing USC, which is a big school. 

I thought it would be an amazing experience, but everyone is a bit too Hollywood. 

You meet many famous people and celebrities as you go around.

You're just going around and being known without getting personal with anyone. 

I didn't get a chance to formally meet the receivers coach, Deion Sanders, or any other staff members. 

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