High-Protein, Low-Carb Foods to Help You Lose Weight

Grilled Chicken Breast:  Due to its high protein level, chicken breast fills salads, grain bowls, and major meals. Get full with fist-sized servings and healthy cooking methods.

Canned tuna: Choose tuna canned in water for all the protein without the oil. Three ounces have fewer than three grams of fat.

Lean beef: Smith recommends sirloin or top round roast for low-fat. This reduces saturated fat and boosts protein. Learn about the finest and worst meats.

Peanuts: Check the label for salt before adding peanuts to a trail mix or eating them raw. Same with peanut butter. Smith advises looking for labels without sugar, salt, or oil.

Tofu: Fill up on animal-free high-protein, low-carb meals. This soy alternative has lots of plant-based protein.

Hemp seeds: Hemp seeds are crisp and somewhat nutty, making them easy to add to salads and soups. They're one of 13 trending foods to eat more of.

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