‘infuriating’ And ‘outrageous’: Megyn Kelly Reacts After Biological Men Win Women’s Championship

BY Robert j. matthews

Megyn Kelly and Piers Morgan were upset when two biological men won the top spots in the Illinois State Women's Cyclocross Championship.

They wondered why more women aren't speaking out against men participating in women's sports.

Martina Navratilova talked about how men make the rules and use them to their advantage.

Riley Gaines, a former female college swimmer, complained about the lack of categories for women and even offered to pay prize money to any woman who chooses not to compete.

The USA Cycling Rules Book lets men and women race together if they declare their gender identity.

Why don't more women speak out against this attack on their rights?" he asked.

Martina Navratilova responded to Morgan, saying that men mostly make the rules even though women are speaking up.

Riley Gaines, a former NCAA swimmer, said that USACycling has two categories for men and none for women.

Gaines said, "If any woman doesn't compete and gives up, I will personally pay them the prize money they would have won."

This means using someone else's license, racing numbers, or timing in a dishonest way.

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