Jesus Revolution Director, Former YouTube Exec Fund Faith-Based Content Studio with $75 Million

BY John fenster

$75 million raised to launch studio for faith-based and inspirational media.

Jon Erwin and Kelly Merryman Hoogstraten have formed the Wonder Project, a production company in LA and Austin.

Lionsgate, Jason Blum, United Talent Agency, Sovereign's Capital, and Powerhouse Capital have raised over $75 million in seed and Series A funding. 

Merryman is CEO and Erwin is CCO. Dallas Jenkins, producer-director of "The Chosen," will be a special adviser.

Erwin believes in the opportunity here as part of the audience. We have four kids. I serve an audience with our content. Need more of this at home.

Erwin had a successful movie called "Jesus Revolution" this year. He's used to making projects on small budgets. 

Wonder Project plans to improve faith-centric film and TV production with the help of partners like Blum and Lionsgate. 

They sell shows and movies to networks, streamers, and distributors while also developing their own distribution and streaming options.

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