Keto Diet vs. Mediterranean Diet: Which Is Healthier?

By John Fenster

Mediterranean Diet Drawbacks

A lot of different foods are allowed on the Mediterranean diet, which can make it hard for some people to manage. 

The latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans include a Healthy Mediterranean-style eating Pattern that tells you how many calories are in each serving. 

Another possible problem with the Mediterranean diet is that it might take a lot of time and money to make meals.

Mediterranean Diet Benefits

Another good thing about the Mediterranean diet is that it doesn't follow a strict plan. 

 You don't have to follow any rules or count calories. Eating more of some things and less of others is all it takes.

Keto Diet Drawbacks

There are some bad things about the ketogenic diet, even though it can help you lose weight quickly.

After switching from burning sugar for fuel to burning fat for fuel, the body goes into ketosis.

Keto Diet Benefits

This plan might help you lose weight fast. A 2019 review in Nutrients found that the keto diet can also help keep blood sugar in check and make insulin work better.

You don't even need to keep track of calories. A high-fat diet makes you feel fuller for longer. 

When people diet and lose weight, ghrelin levels tend to go up. This is good news for dieters who give up because they feel hungry all the time.

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