Lakers' Switch From Black Uniforms Mandated By Nba, Source Says

BY Robert j. matthews

The Lakers won a game against the Phoenix Suns and secured a spot in the NBA tournament's semifinals in Las Vegas.

They were wearing their black "city edition" uniforms.

The players really like the jersey-set look, and L.A. hasn't lost a game while wearing the black uniforms in the tournament.

The Lakers won three games in a row against the Grizzlies, Jazz, and Suns, wearing dark colors.

The Lakers players want to wear black against the New Orleans Pelicans in the semifinals, but the NBA has different plans.

The Lakers will wear their gold "icon" jerseys for upcoming games. 

The team website has a schedule that shows the planned colors for each game until the end of the regular season. The Pelicans will wear their white uniforms.

The NBA won't let the Lakers wear their black uniforms because they're worried about how they'll look on the special court at T-Mobile Arena during the semifinals.

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