MagPi Season 5 Episode 17: Guilt Awareness

BY John fenster

Magnum P.I. Season 5 Episode 17 had entertaining cases, one comedic and one dramatic, centered around a relationship quandary.

At La Mariana, Rick and T.C. were excited about their renewed romances with Suzy and Mahina.

This question is relevant to couples who work and live together.

Magnum recognized Higgins' query as a trap. Luckily, they had two cases to work on, providing him with an opportunity to escape.

Jin, a reformed conman, is naturally suspicious of others. Margot made Jin wary by treating him arrogantly for being different.

It's hard to understand how Jin felt close to a woman who didn't know his real name for over a year. 

Higgins doubted Jin's hunch. Exaggeration is his specialty. The boy who cried wolf fairy tale explains why.

Margot's record was clean when Juliet checked. She had done this scam before with different names.

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