Mike Evans Won't Discuss New Contract with Bucs After Week 1 amid NFL Rumors

Mike Evans could leave the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the 2023 season.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times says that it is "likely" that Evans will leave the team he has played for his whole NFL career. Contract talks between the two sides have reached a stalemate.

Evans' agents at Day 1 Sports and Entertainment said in a statement on Friday that the star wide receiver won't negotiate a new contract with the Bucs if no deal is made before the start of the regular season.

We've been trying to keep Mike on the Bucs for more than a year, and we want the fans to know that this isn't a trick and that the ball is in the owner's court.

Still, we're giving the Bucs until the start of the regular season to make him a Buc for Life. If that doesn't happen, Mike will put all of his attention on football, his future, and where he can continue to make a difference.

Evans "wants the next part of his career to be with a team that wants him and wants him to help win a Super Bowl," the statement said, but the Buccaneers haven't made him an offer yet.

Evans has been talked about as a possible trade target all summer, so it wouldn't be surprising to see him play for a different team in 2024.

Evans might not even have to wait that long to join a new team. Dan Graziano of ESPN said that the four-time Pro Bowler could be moved during the season.

After Tom Brady left, few people have high hopes for the Bucs. Baker Mayfield is their starting quarterback for the season. Between the Carolina Panthers and the Los Angeles Rams in 2022, he started 10 games and went 2-8.

Evans, Devin White, Antoine Winfield Jr., and Lavonte David are just some of the well-known players on Tampa's team whose contracts are coming to an end.