News Conference For Florida State, Georgia Bowl Game Has Been Canceled

BY Robert j. matthews

The 2023 Orange Bowl is becoming a game that both the Georgia Bulldogs and the Florida State Seminoles are not excited about.

The Orange Bowl canceled its news conference with Georgia head coach Kirby Smart and Florida State head coach Mike Norvell, according to Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press.

Florida State had a perfect season, winning all their games and becoming the champions of the ACC. 

However, they were not chosen to participate in the College Football Playoff, even though they were one of only three undefeated teams from the Power Five conferences. 

Norvell and many others at Florida State criticized the decision and questioned the purpose of playing games.

Some commenters agree, while others believe the Seminoles are avoiding the game to hide their lack of qualification.

FSU doesn't want to play this game. One user replied, saying they know they will be exposed and proven wrong for the 4th spot.

I won't go if I'm FSU. Another person said, "Just wait until the game starts to disrupt the TV and ticket sales.

Why bother playing the game? Why rate the games if they didn't matter this year, someone else asked.

Will the Seminoles play the game or will they try to avoid it?

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