Pan: David Suchet wastes his talent in this stupid film.

BY John fenster

David Suchet, 77, makes panto debut. Great performance in the Bristol Hippodrome panto! 

The movie fails to deliver on its promise of showcasing him as Peter Pan's nemesis. Instead, it gets caught up in a mindless spectacle that leaves the audience unengaged.

Suchet may regret not reading the script carefully as he fills in for Ian McKellen in a panto.

Adults who know and love TV's Poirot are rewarded with a clever inside joke. In a surprising twist, Captain Hook is revealed to be Hercule, the twin brother of James.

The actor changes appearance and grabs a cane while the ITV theme plays. 

His Poirot should gather the team to solve the murder of JM Barrie's tale and find the culprit. 

Is it Alan McHugh, the adapter? Barrie would be disappointed with how little of the heart-racing and poignant adventure in Neverland has been kept in the Darlings' story. 

Director Jonathan Kiley should improve the show. It's flashy but too loud, lacks flying, and the crocodile is disappointing. 

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