Paramount+ launches in Japan with J:COM, Wowow

BY John fenster

Good news: Paramount+ is now available in Japan for consumers. The streaming service was launched in Japan on Wednesday.

It is now available at no extra cost for customers of local operators J:COM and Wowow. 

The company had previously announced this in September. J:COM is a popular cable TV and internet provider in Japan, while Wowow is a well-known premium pay channel.

Paramount+ has now launched in Japan, making it available in all of the world's top ten international subscription video growth markets. 

Paramount+ is expanding in East Asia with a new partnership.

This is their second launch in the region, after a similar arrangement in South Korea last year with TVing, a streaming service owned by CJ ENM. 

In Europe, the service is offered through partnerships with SKY in Italy, the U.K., and Germany, and with Canal+ in France.

Marco Nobili, executive vp and international general manager for Paramount+, said that the launch of Paramount+ in Japan is an important moment for our expansion. 

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