Pittsburgh Vs West Virginia Odds, Picks And Predictions: No Mountain To Tall For Panthers

BY Robert j. matthews

Beating your rival can help turn around a struggling season. Each team will have a chance when West Virginia and Pittsburgh play.

The Panthers season began well, but things have not been going well recently.

Pitt has lost three out of four games, including ones where they were expected to win by multiple possessions (like Missouri).

It lost by 9 points to Clemson before this matchup. West Virginia has had a rough start, just as expected after a troubled offseason. 

The Mountaineers have a record of 3-4 and have lost two out of their last three games.

It has a more experienced coach, Jeff Capel, and a more talented team according to recruiting rankings.

Considering that, it should be anticipated to complete the task tonight, even in a challenging setting.

The Panthers have too many advantages against the West Virginia Mountaineers.

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