Quick Tips for Weight Loss

1. Slow down: Eating slowly at every meal might help you lose two pounds a month. Put your fork down between bites to slow down eating.

2. Use a smaller plate:  Serve your main dish on a 7-inch salad or child-size plate. Instead of a soup bowl or goblet, use a 1-cup dessert or cereal dish.

3. Eat breakfast: Protein and fiber in breakfast will keep you full all morning. Think whole-wheat bread with healthy fats or a vegetable-filled omelet.

4. Plan for the occasional treat: Making food off-limits makes it more appealing. So enjoy a modest treat—it won't ruin your diet.

5. Step away from the screen: Turn off the TV and computer to eat quietly. Being conscious when eating might help you avoid overeating and feel fuller.

6. Eat water-filled foods: Soups, salads, cucumbers, and melons are heavy in water and satisfy on less calories. Interesting, drinking water with meals doesn't have the same impact.

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