Recent Raiders Moves Reveal Surprising Jimmy Garoppolo Future Plans

Raiders signed QB Jimmy Garoppolo on a 3-year deal in March. He's seen as a short-term solution until a long-term QB is found.

The Raiders showed no immediate interest in Garoppolo during the 2023 draft. They chose Tyree Wilson instead.

Garoppolo's contract was restructured this week, shifting some of his 2023 money to a future signing bonus.

Charles Robinson reports that the AFC sees this move as a sign that the franchise is committed to Garoppolo as their starting quarterback beyond 2023.

Garoppolo is in Las Vegas with the Raiders because they believe in his ability to win and have made changes to his contract.

Raiders eyeing Garoppolo as a better fit for a playoffs comeback. They plan to keep Garoppolo as their quarterback for the next season.

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