Roger Goodell Received a Perfect Two-Word Response from Jason Kelce on Possible Tush Push Ban

BY John fenster

Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles isn't worried about a Tush Push ban.

The Eagles' “Brotherly Shove” play has caused criticism in the NFL due to teams' inability to stop it. 

On this week's New Heights podcast, Kelce addressed claims that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wants to ban the play permanently.

“Ban it. Now I don't care. I'm done discussing it, Kelce said. We excelled at quarterback sneak before the push. 

I doubt it's essential. It helps, no doubt. I don't have energy to worry about bans.

Kelce responded to fans' calls for a ban by saying he hasn't seen an increase in injuries and that other teams haven't been as effective as Philadelphia at running the play.

“If they ban the “Brotherly Shove” there will be a good reason the commissioner wants to do it,” Kelce remarked. “Whether people like it or not, we move forward.”

He even mentioned that the team was 36–38 on QB sneak before employing the push.

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