Saints General Manager's Comments Reveal A Shocking Lack Of Awareness

BY Robert j. matthews

The former Saints general manager expressed anger on WWL radio in New Orleans on Wednesday over the sea of silver and blue in the Caesars Superdome's lower bowl during Sunday's 33-28 Lions win.

That's disappointing...But I understand the economics—season tickets are pricey and you can't attend every game. 

However, I was surprised "Loomis seemed uninformed that fans are fed up with supporting one of the league's worst teams rather than paying for season tickets. 

Since Drew Brees retired, Loomis has made some questionable decisions to keep the Saints relevant.

The team aggressively traded its 2023 first-round pick, No. 10, to choose offensive tackle Trevor Penning, who's been unplayable this season, 19th overall in 2022.

The next mistake for the franchise could be signing quarterback Derek Carr to a four-year, $150 million contract when backup Jameis Winston is as talented (if not better) and much less.

Loomis may build around Carr in 2024 to reopen the team's window for contending instead of rebuilding.

The Saints can't afford to cut him, and Carr may rebound from a disappointing season with a better offensive line and coaching.

He must. Due to Loomis' contract, New Orleans (5-7) has no other postseason chance next season.

Loomis' ability to make tough but necessary offseason changes in New Orleans is uncertain. 

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