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Scorpio to Leo: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Make the Best Leaders

Leos exhibit charisma, energy, and leadership. Encouragement and motivation are their strengths. 

1. Leo

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The Lions are good at putting aside their own interests to work with others. They promote teamwork and individuality. 

Capricorns are disciplined, prudent, and diligent. Leaders that plan and handle work are trusted.

2. Capricorn

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They think trust underpins leadership at work and at home. Their goal is to be great managers with ethics.

Scorpios are persistent and strategic. These water signs display emotional intelligence early on. 

3. Scorpio

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Because of that, they can relate to their classmates' problems. Empathy bonds relationships, builds trust, and helps them contribute to a friendly workplace later in life.

Sagittarians can see the big picture and embrace fresh ideas. 

4. Sagittarius

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They think understanding team members' emotions creates a healthy and collaborative workplace. 

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