Second Strike: Denver Nuggets' Best Bench Option Is A Veteran

BY Robert j. matthews

Since the end of that tough road trip, he has been playing more minutes and his performance has improved. 

He's been better at making 3-point shots than Michael Porter Jr., who is inconsistent.

Nikola Jokic and Aaron Gordon couldn't make the trip to LA, so the Nuggets had to rely on Jordan and Holiday to start instead. 

They unexpectedly won against the Clippers, who were at full strength. The Jackson-Jordan duo was amazing.

It makes more sense for Jordan to be the main backup for Jokic instead of forcing the undersized Nnaji into that role. 

Nnaji is better as a wing/forward than as a center. It's important to focus on getting another player at the trade deadline to help Jordan, who is getting older.

Imagine a playoff lineup with Jordan instead of Joker, Jackson instead of Jamal, and Holiday instead of AG/MPJ. 

This would give Malone the option to decide when to use Braun, Watson, Strawther, or Nnaji. 

The experienced trio helps maintain a consistent performance even when some or all of the starters are not playing together.

Denver needs to keep developing their young players, so they can become a stronger team as the season goes on. 

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