Strike 2: Veterans Best Bet Off The Bench For The Denver Nuggets

BY Robert j. matthews

The Denver Nuggets, who were the defending champions, would need young players to replace Bruce Brown and Jeff Green on the bench.

Brown and Green were important veterans who left the team after winning the NBA title.

Christian Braun. Peyton Watson. Zeke Nnaji, along with new players Julian Strawther, Jalen Pickett, and Hunter Tyson.

Who in this group was going to step up and fill those gaps?

What if the answer is a combination of Reggie Jackson, Justin Holiday, and DeAndre Jordan, also known as "Mr. November"? 

What if these veterans can be the most important players on Michael Malone's bench, while letting the young guys grow into their roles without feeling pressured?

They played well against the Pistons in Detroit, but didn't perform well in the four losses.

Malone has relied on both Jackson and Jordan, who have performed well as a starter and bench player respectively. 

However, it is unclear why Jordan has been overlooked by many outside the team. 

Next, there's Holiday, an experienced player who has been in the league for 11 years and even won a championship with Golden State.

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