The Best Damn Bodyweight Workout You Can Do At Home

Classic pushups are often thought to be one of the best bodyweight moves because they work your core, forearms, biceps, and glutes all at once. 

1. Wallstand Pushups

In this pose, you will also work your trapezius and deltoid muscles, and the extra weight on your arms will help you get the most out of your pushups.

Wallstand Pushups

Yes, this move comes up early and often in many home workouts, but there's a reason for that. 

2. Burpees

You can activate (wait for it) your calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, back, pecs, biceps, and triceps all at once with a single movement.


Dips are the best way to build your triceps. To do them right, you'll need two strong pieces of furniture of the same height that you can push together.

3. Dips/Modified Dips

A table and a countertop will work. Place yourself between them with your arms straight, curved down, and a little bit away from your body.

Dips/Modified Dips

Start by standing with your feet a little bit farther apart than your hips. Keep your arms at your sides with a slight bend.

4. Jump Squats

Bend your knees and lower your seat until your legs are parallel to the floor. 

Jump Squats

Find something about two feet off the ground, like a chair, bench, or stair. 

5. Step/Jump-Ups

Face it from about a foot away. Step up with your right foot and swing your left leg and right arm through and forward.


Finish your workout with a move that takes a lot of arm and core strength, balance, and precision. 

6. Star Planks

Start with your arms straight and your feet about a foot apart, like in a pushup. 

Star Planks

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