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The Most Unfaithful Female Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least

Gemini women are engaged and communicative spouses, yet they may seek excitement and originality elsewhere.

1. Gemini:

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Sagittarius women are spontaneous, enthusiastic, and continuously pursuing personal progress. They want to be free and expand their horizons.

2. Sagittarius:

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Aries women are naturally enthusiastic and seek new challenges. They need passion and excitement in relationships.

3. Aries:

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They crave intellectual and emotional connection, which may cause them to seek relationships outside their primary ones.

4. Aquarius:

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Libra women's charisma and beauty might draw attention. Their need for approval and adoration might often surpass their devotion to their spouses.

5. Libra:

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Scorpio women are faithful and devoted spouses when firmly committed. Their intensity may allow them to share new emotional depths with others.

6. Scorpio:

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Capricorn women love deeply and strive hard to maintain relationships. They value long-term partnerships and regard them as a foundation for security.

7. Capricorn:

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Leo women love attention and admiration. They can be faithful lovers, but their need for approval and adulation can lead them wrong.

8. Leo:

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Pisces women are loyal and committed companions, yet their emotional sensitivity may encourage them to seek emotional connections outside of relationships.

9. Pisces:

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Taurus women are loyal partners, yet their thirst for sexual pleasures can tempt them to seek them elsewhere. 

10. Taurus:

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Virgo women set high standards for themselves and others. Their critical disposition can make it hard for them to ignore relationship problems.

11. Virgo:

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Cancer women value partnership commitment and stability, even when they struggle emotionally.

12. Cancer:

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