The Worst Foods for Your Stomach

 Garlic, onions, and high-fiber cousins Onions, wheat, and garlic contain fructan. People who have trouble digesting fructan may have flatulence. 

Beans and nuts The heart benefits from beans. They cause gas as you consume more. This ancient rhyme is true despite its humor. 

 Natural and artificial sweeteners Sugar alcohols, low-carb sweeteners present in certain meals and added to others, are another FODMAP. 

Alcohols A night out drinking can harm more than your liver. Alcohol is high in empty calories and slows fat burning. 

Fructose-sweetened beverages High-fructose beverages are also bad for your stomach. Learn about hidden health hazards including fruit juice and sweet tea, as well as soda. 

Breakfast pastries Don't think blueberries in muffins or scones make them nutritious. items like muffins, white bread, and white pasta might affect energy and blood sugar levels. 

Dangerous to Your Digestion: These 6 Foods