Traditional American Fare That Is Universally Adored

Nashville hot chicken is one of the most popular food trends in America right now.

1. Nashville hot chicken

It was created in the 1930s by Thornton Prince after a girlfriend who broke up with him tried to play a joke on him by giving him fried chicken covered in chili pepper.

Westernized Chinese food is known for being deep-fried and sweet, and General Tso's chicken is the dish that best shows this style. 

2. General Tso chicken

Peng Chang-kuei came up with the original recipe in the region of Hunan in China.

Wisconsin is known for its soft cheese curds, and battering and deep-frying them is one of the best ways to eat them. 

3. Fried cheese curds

Curds are a byproduct of cheese that must be eaten right away. They are salty and do well when cooked in fat.

Bagels and lox may seem like a European combination since smoked salmon is a Scandinavian delicacy and bagels are popular all over the world.

4. Bagels and lox

However, Jewish communities in the United States popularized the combination of lox, cream cheese, and a fresh bagel.

Fruity and fresh Maine crabs are one of the best foods that America has to offer. 

5. Maine lobster roll

Lobster is now thought of as a fancy food, but it used to be a cheap fish that could be used as a simple sandwich filling. 

Gumbo is one of Louisiana's most popular dishes. 

6. Gumbo

Classic American Foods EVERYONE Loves To Eat