Traditional American foods that EVERYONE loves

One of the best sandwiches in the United States was created in Philadelphia in 1930 by Pat Olivieri: the Philly cheesesteak. 

1. Philly cheesesteak

Thinly sliced beef, onions, and cheese on a long bun are required ingredients for a traditional cheesesteak, but peppers and mushrooms are frequently added.

Despite the fact that the California roll was likely not created in the United States (Japanese chef Hidekazu Tojo claims to have thought of it while working at a restaurant in Canada).

2. California roll

Tojo aimed to please his North American clientele by developing a sushi roll that was cooked. 

A chicken fried steak contains no actual chicken. Instead, the beef in this Southern delicacy is breaded and fried like chicken.

3. Chicken fried steak

German immigrants may have been responsible for the creation of this meal, which is based on a classic schnitzel but uses beef instead of veal. 

Chop suey is another popular dish ordered from Chinese restaurants in the United States that has little in common with traditional Chinese cuisine.

4. Chop suey

It was created by the Chinese-American restaurant industry in the late nineteenth century and is essentially a stir-fry of numerous ingredients. 

Pastrami (or corned beef), Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, and rye bread come together to make one of the most impressive deli sandwiches.

5. Rueben sandwich

Its history, like that of many other century-old meals, is shrouded in mystery, although we may safely assume it was created before 1930 by someone named Rueben. 

In many American households, Sunday night is reserved for the best pot roast of the week.

6. Pot roast

Everyone Loves To Eat These Classic American Foods.